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G-d is not God’s Name

Pious Jews will rarely write the word God for fear of violating the First Where Parents Can Make a Marriage Are you looking to get your

Not by Bread Alone

Look, I don’t hate bread. It’s the staff of life but most people don’t use

The United Kingdom

THE UNITED KINGDOM TOUR “In thunder, lightning and in rain!” chanted

Kars 4 Kids: The Dreaded Earworm

I hate the Kars 4 Kids earworm – or as its website calls it – the “jingle.”

Income Inequality

The new buzz word is “income inequality” which simply means people don’t make

Free College is an Awful Idea

Some politicians (and student advocates) are proposing that we send people to

Is America the Land of the Haters?

I know that many of my Facebook friends are quite liberal, some quite leftist,

The American People

I’m bothered. I love listening to the talk and news shows — Fox News,