Think Scobe

Nasty and Nastier

  All of us have read posts on Facebook, other social media and message

I Have Stalkers!

I am a minor celebrity in the great scheme of things. I have a good fan base

He Has a Girlfriend!

This past weekend I went to a Yankees versus Texas Rangers game. Yanks lost 8

The Twenty

People like to make lists. Well, I like to make lists and assume that there

Miami Is Another Country

In New York City you have different neighborhoods some dominated by Italians,

What Happened to the Negro League?

This is really a sensitive – as in very sensitive – issue, and I don’t want

Is This Funny or Idiocy?

An advertisement in the latest issue of Scientific American (June 2017) has me

Supergirl Defeats Superman? Are You Crazy?

I do not mind a little political correctness in my life. Heck, I always say my

The Best Science Fiction Movies

These are the best science fiction movies I have seen. I did not put in the