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How Conor McGregor Will Defeat Floyd Mayweather

The sports writers have written off Conor McGregor as a serious opponent for

My 70th Birthday Cruise

Yes, I just turned 70. Seventy years old! My wife, the Beautiful AP, told me

Thoughts on the Best Television Shows

  I am thinking of doing a Top 20 list of my favorite situation comedies,

Tattooing Little Timbo

Parents have almost total say over what their kids eat, drink, watch on

Nasty and Nastier

  All of us have read posts on Facebook, other social media and message

I Have Stalkers!

I am a minor celebrity in the great scheme of things. I have a good fan base

He Has a Girlfriend!

This past weekend I went to a Yankees versus Texas Rangers game. Yanks lost 8

The Twenty

People like to make lists. Well, I like to make lists and assume that there

Miami Is Another Country

In New York City you have different neighborhoods some dominated by Italians,