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Abortion and Dogs

I used to love dogs. I really did. I didn’t love dogs the way some people on

The Resurrection of Jesus

The most important holiday in Christianity concerns the resurrection of Jesus

Life After Death

What if it were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a life after


I have become somewhat grumpy as I await my 70th birthday; in fact, my wife

Teaching Grandchildren through Film

I am a firm believer that film can teach important lessons to kids and that’s

Pronounce the “VA” “DOA”

The Veterans Administration should be pronounced dead on arrival. The VA is a

The Hitler Freeze

What happens when a speaker talking to any size audience mentions three of the

I was Injured in Cape May

It happened on the 13th hole. Until that moment I was having one of my best

A Chanting We Will Go!

Those of you around in the late 1960s and early 1970s will remember the anti