Think Scobe

My Guppy Is Gay

  I have four fish tanks in my house: a five gallon tank with a Beta and

Mommy Weirdest

I have now read one of the nuttiest decisions a court has ever made when it

Huck Finn and The Declaration of Independence

The school board of a Virginia school has decided to take Mark Twain’s The

Crazy You Ain’t

First the quotes: “Oh, we were so crazy in college!” “What a nutty bunch of

The Poor versus the Rich

Let’s talk liberal and conservative. The liberal believes the conservative is

G-d is not God’s Name

Pious Jews will rarely write the word God for fear of violating the First Where Parents Can Make a Marriage Are you looking to get your

Not by Bread Alone

Look, I don’t hate bread. It’s the staff of life but most people don’t use

The United Kingdom

THE UNITED KINGDOM TOUR “In thunder, lightning and in rain!” chanted