School Scobe

Those Who Can, Do; Those Who Can’t, Teach

Nope. First, many of those who can do also can teach. Take a look at the

She was a Disgusting Beast

  I never had to write a disciplinary referral on a student in my classes,

Wrong Way McKay

  Wrong Way McKay   For the first year of my new teaching assignment

My Stinking Student

  Once I had a “stinker” in class. A stinker is a kid who stinks. This

The Principle and the Principal

  My second and last almost-year of teaching in junior high (1970-71) was

The Craziest Kid I Ever Taught

1969: GERRY, The Rat Boy This is the story of the craziest kid I ever taught who

My Three Best Teachers

  Today, May 8th is National Teachers’ Day. I had three teachers who helped

Students Are Sharks

  Students are sharks, no doubt about that. When they scent blood in the

School Days

  The Beautiful AP and I were coming back from swimming on Tuesday morning.