School Scobe

Only You

  It was my first year of teaching at Lawrence High School in Cedarhurst,

My Education as a Teacher

I graduated college in 1969. For three years I had three majors, literature,

Teachers: The Great and the God-Awful

Most of us probably remember the teachers who were bad or so awful that calling

The Making of a Teacher (1): Mr. Grillo

He sat in the top section of the Brooklyn to Staten Island ferry. We were

How (not) to Stop a Fight

  The girl was maybe 4’10”— if that; slightly built, but she was a

Bad Teachers

  ***They lit his tie on fire as he napped in class; they threw his desk

Thirty-Three Years Before the Class

Teachers are going back to school now and on the Facebook pages so many of them

Teacher Hiring

I am not sure if Lawrence High School still does it this way but here is what I