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King of Kings

King of Kings by Frank Scoblete He was 10 years old and in the fifth grade at

Designated Hitter Hater

Flat out: I am a designated hitter (DH) hater. Since the professional baseball

Servant of the People: Funny and Foreboding

I am not sure why people are not raving about this half-hour sitcom from

Common Sense

There are many Internet writers constantly whining about the fact that Americans

I Have Been Censored!

I have been censored. Yes, I have. By myself. Self-censored. Here is how it all

Stop, please! Stop, Stop, Stop IT!

Oh, for heaven’s sake, the reason some people are not getting the Covid-19

Pro-Choicers versus Anti-Vaxxers

The pro-choice movement made great headway in America ever since the 1960s.

God versus Religion

I enjoy watching the debates on YouTube between atheist intellectuals such as

Hear Me Roar!

Since the pandemic hit us in January of 2020, a curious situation has arisen in