Think Scobe

The Scobes Tackle San Francisco

  We promised our grandchildren that when they each turn 13 we will take

Bye, Bye, Big Bang

  The “big bang” in the title of this article does not imply I will be

I Am a Prude

  I have become a prude. I am so sick of good movies and good television

Anti-Science Science Magazines

  I am annoyed at Discover Magazine and Scientific American. I am sure

Movie Scobe: The Black Panther

  (Cedrica has joined me in reviewing and discussing movies, old and new.

Who’s Your Favorite Niece?

  I started 2019 in the hospital with pneumonia and the flu. It was just

Blinding Insight

   One night I was driving onto Sunrise Highway in Freeport, New York,

My Neighbor versus My Landscaper

  I was relaxing in my special chair meditating before I was about to

No Machado, No Way

  The New York Yankees are considering getting Manny Machado, who played