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Buy Silver and Gold!

Hi, I’m Willow D’Vain, an actor who made a few forgettable movies that can’t

Please, Just a Regular Haircut

My hair is curly and thick. It used to be really blonde, then turned brown in

The Best and Worst of the Big Monster Movies

They are big, some gigantic, and most have bad personalities because they kill

Lover Come Back

  It was 1970. I was 23 years old. Peter Hemmings arrived right on time.

The Scobes Tackle San Francisco

  We promised our grandchildren that when they each turn 13 we will take

Bye, Bye, Big Bang

  The “big bang” in the title of this article does not imply I will be

I Am a Prude

  I have become a prude. I am so sick of good movies and good television

Anti-Science Science Magazines

  I am annoyed at Discover Magazine and Scientific American. I am sure

Movie Scobe: The Black Panther

  (Cedrica has joined me in reviewing and discussing movies, old and new.