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I know I am a grumpy old man, but unlike other grumpy old men I am right in my

“Not everything in this world is nice.”

  Long Island, New York, March 2020 We are on lockdown. The coronavirus is

Gambling with Coronavirus

  The estimates for how many people will get the coronavirus range from 40


I fear death. I do; I fear death. I want God; I do. I want God. No, no, not the

My Wife is THE Boss

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, the 27th anniversary of my marriage to the

“I Will Never Be Able to Kiss Her Again”

At the Chapel Her name was Jacqueline Levine and she died last Saturday. Death

Awesome Monsters in Awful Movies

  I make no bones about it; I love monster movies. Yes, indeed, I do. Still

Does Amy Sherman-Palladino Hate Her Characters?

  I love the works of writer, director, producer Amy Sherman-Palladino. She

The Empire State Building is Still the Tallest!

  It is now common knowledge that the Empire State Building is listed as