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“I Will Never Be Able to Kiss Her Again”

At the Chapel Her name was Jacqueline Levine and she died last Saturday. Death

Awesome Monsters in Awful Movies

  I make no bones about it; I love monster movies. Yes, indeed, I do.

Does Amy Sherman-Palladino Hate Her Characters?

  I love the works of writer, director, producer Amy Sherman-Palladino.

The Empire State Building is Still the Tallest!

  It is now common knowledge that the Empire State Building is listed as

“Hell, No! I Won’t Go!”

My wife, the Beautiful AP, wants me to participate more in The South Shore

The Warriors of July 4th

  I like the idea of celebrating our country on July 4th but I do not

Buy Silver and Gold!

Hi, I’m Willow D’Vain, an actor who made a few forgettable movies that can’t

Please, Just a Regular Haircut

My hair is curly and thick. It used to be really blonde, then turned brown in

The Best and Worst of the Big Monster Movies

They are big, some gigantic, and most have bad personalities because they kill