Think Scobe

Trump: The Art of the Steal

  Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series (now 25 books!) has a hero who is

A Second Virus Attacks!

The coronavirus has caused the world to turn upside down and inside out. My

Unsocial Media

I’ve been called a communist, a socialist, a Nazi, a Trumpite, a Trumparine. a

Die, Death, Diets

Donald Trump is in big trouble if what I think might happen, actually happens.


I know I am a grumpy old man, but unlike other grumpy old men I am right in my

“Not everything in this world is nice.”

  Long Island, New York, March 2020 We are on lockdown. The coronavirus

Gambling with Coronavirus

  The estimates for how many people will get the coronavirus range from


I fear death. I do; I fear death. I want God; I do. I want God. No, no, not

My Wife is THE Boss

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, the 27th anniversary of my marriage to the