Think Scobe

Anti-Science Science Magazines

  I am annoyed at Discover Magazine and Scientific American. I am sure that

Movie Scobe: The Black Panther

  (Cedrica has joined me in reviewing and discussing movies, old and new. I

Who’s Your Favorite Niece?

  I started 2019 in the hospital with pneumonia and the flu. It was just

Blinding Insight

   One night I was driving onto Sunrise Highway in Freeport, New York,

My Neighbor versus My Landscaper

  I was relaxing in my special chair meditating before I was about to write

No Machado, No Way

  The New York Yankees are considering getting Manny Machado, who played

Virginia, There is No Santa Claus

  A substitute teacher in New Jersey’s Montville School district has been

A Level Playing Field

  We’ve just finished Thanksgiving and the Black Friday crowds in every

My Damn Wife

  My wife, the Beautiful AP, is my editor. A few days ago I handed her my