Buy Silver and Gold!

Hi, I’m Willow D’Vain, an actor who made a few forgettable movies that can’t even be gotten on Netflix, and I want to talk to you about silver and gold. There are two things that I believe in and that is my beloved country America and also precious metals.

Do you know that throughout the world economies are crashing and money is becoming worthless? Especially that paper stuff! That’s right! I want to keep us in the U.S. strong and that’s why I want you to send me your money, which will be worthless quite soon as I said, so I can send you silver and gold which have been used by civilizations throughout history such as ancient Greece, ancient Rome and Norway.

There was a time when America was respected throughout history, especially during the Middle Ages, and that’s why I am standing in front of a green screen that is showing you one of America’s greatest battleships. I want to keep America great again and make it strong again and we can all do that if you send me your money so I can send you some of the tonnage of silver and gold the company has in warehouses all over the world.

Why not be safe with a safe filled with silver and gold? You’ll be the envy of everyone starving on your block that put their faith in the crumbling currency of the world.

Make America good again!

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