Life After Death

What if it were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a life after death; that our consciousness definitely survives the Grim Reaper? What if this were proven scientifically, with no need for a mythical belief system as is found in most religions or esoteric philosophies?

In the past there have been supposed scientific studies that purport to show that life after death is real. These studies – each and every one I have read – are flawed, often verging on the level of absolute nonsense. Some people have confused “astral travelling” or “out-of-the-body experiences” with proof that there is a soul and that it survives death. That’s way too much of a jump. I wrote an entire section of my book The Virgin Kiss for my out-of-the-body experiences.

One radio-show host was very upset with me when I told him that my out-of-the-body experiences had nothing to do with an afterlife; that I didn’t know what they had to do with, but proof of a soul they were not.

Although, religious folks are sure of an afterlife, they can offer only individual spiritual experiences which are impossible to subject to rigorous study and testing.

So, let’s imagine a time when science proves life after death. This generates more questions than it does answers.

What impact would such news have on the world?

A recent Netflix movie, The Discovery, takes up this idea. A scientist has proven that life after death exists. The result? Massive numbers of suicides of people wanting to go to the “other side.”

Would such a thing happen?

Would more people become less concerned with their individual lives and participate in more dangerous activities, knowing that they cannot be extinguished by death?

Would there be more or fewer wars?

Would more religious cults spring up and revolve around this scientific proof?

What about our furry friends? Our dogs, cats; how about our reptiles—even disgusting insects? What if science proves their existences beyond death?

So what do you think would happen with proof of a life after death?

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