Fledgling.com: Where Parents Can Make a Marriage

Are you looking to get your adult child wedded or in a relationship that is conducted anywhere but in your home? Do you regret having feathered a nest so well that your bundle of joy still costs you a bundle?

Fledgling.com is a boutique wedding and relationship service strictly for parents whose grown children have had trouble leaving the basement.

We can help you! Just fill out a short online questionnaire that tells us about your child’s likes, dislikes and quirks and our algorithms will match him or her up with the perfect mate, regardless of species.

Face it. You’re tired of hearing your friends brag about their kids who are at the top, Top, TOP of their fields – who are happily married and are producing the most adorable babies. And you? You mutter congratulations and scurry home to do your adult child’s laundry.

Now with fledgling.com, you too can be the bragging parent. You too can be an empty nester. Find the mate that will get that ne’er-do-well out of your house forever.

Act now and receive our bonus video set completely free! Including:

“Doormat No More”
“There are Other Basements than Mine”
“Why Are You a 40-Year-Old Baby?”
“Tough Love: It’s Never Too Late”
“Elopements on a Shoestring”
“Flooding the Basement”
“Out of State, Out of Mind”

(My new book is Confessions of a Wayward Catholic!)

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