The Poor versus the Rich

Let’s talk liberal and conservative. The liberal believes the conservative is on the side of big business, the corporations and the wealthy. The basic liberal attitude I’ve been reading on Facebook postulates that the conservatives wish to have a truly dual society — wealthy businessmen and women, big corporations paying low wages, no unions, etc.

I am not so sure this is correct. If I were a rich business owner or the head of a monstrous corporation wouldn’t I want people to have money so they can buy the things I produce? It would seem stupid to want the money exclusively in the hands of the rich because then all those products and services would crumble.

Doesn’t poverty help the liberal more than the conservative? If you can make sure a significant percentage of society is living on entitlements and that is how they “earn” their money to spend on goods and services, doesn’t the liberal have control over those people? Don’t these “poor” folks become a huge voting block because they want the money the liberal doles out?

So as I see it, at least for this article’s musings, the liberal is far better off with a lot of poor people and the conservatives are far better off with fewer poor people.

I’ll get to the “war on women,” the “science versus religion,” and the “gay marriage” issues in the future.

Right now the bottom line is this: Who benefits more from poverty and low wages? The Left or the Right?