Those Annoying Mourning Doves


Let me lay this flat out: I hate Mourning Doves. I know some sensitive types do not like to hear (or read) anyone exclaiming, “I hate” this, that or the other thing. But I can’t help it any more. I’m over the edge with these birds.

I always thought Doves were signs of peace. I mean I have seen paintings of Jesus with a dove flying over his head. But evidently that only reflects the white doves, of which I know almost nothing since I have never seen them outdoors.

I kid you not; the Mourning Doves are anything but peaceful. They are closer to warrior birds than harbingers of love and peace. If one were hovering over Jesus’ head, well, his hair would not survive it.

My wife the Beautiful AP and I enjoy sitting on our deck whenever the weather and our schedules permit. It’s our pandemic oasis.

We put our parrots’ leftover seed in small clumps spread along the 20-foot railing to feed the birds and squirrels, creating individual portions for our feathered and furry guests. We set the conditions for a peaceful activity for all concerned.

We sit about five feet from the railing and enjoy nature. We talk to the birds and the squirrels—and each other—and everyone seems happy. Except when those darned Mourning Doves arrive. Then our little visiting Sparrows, Cardinals, Tufted Titmice, and Catbirds, get edgy. Our infrequent Blue Jays will take off too.

The first Mourning Dove will appear in the tree overlooking the deck. He will then land on the railing and start feeding. He doesn’t bother any of the other birds—yet. Once the Mourning Doves appear, the squirrels tend to head into the bushes that line the deck. I never knew that squirrels were so skittish.

Then you hear the others overhead, a flock of Mourning Doves. Their wings make a signature sound, a squeak that calls for some WD-40, a sound I have come to despise. They plant themselves in the trees and stare at the deck. Now a second Mourning Dove lands on the railing. The small birds take to the air and land in various bushes and trees on our property to witness the descent of the doves and the abrupt end of their feast.

When the second Mourning Dove alights on the railing and although yards away from that first one—the battle begins. The first bird launches himself at the second bird. He does not want any other Mourning Dove to have any of that 20-foot smorgasbord. So, they open their wings and do battle. They flap like crazy against each other, bullying and battling until one loses and flies off.

While that battle rages, more Mourning Doves alight on the railing. The all-out wars begin. Usually the ones on the rail can chase the new arrivals away but some of the newcomers are pretty tough and they flap, flap, flap their wings at the early-bird diners.

These battles scatter the seeds and peanuts (peanuts are for the squirrels) all over the place. Into the yard, onto the deck. Our carefully-laid buffet for the birds is flung hither and yon. Essentially, the Mourning Doves fight until the food is no longer on the railing.

Some time later, the Mourning Doves flock to the roof of our house and then they fly off to war at some other place.

I propose that we officially change the name from Mourning Dove to Annoying Dove. Will you sign my petition?

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11 thoughts on “Those Annoying Mourning Doves”

    1. Stephen,

      My wife the Beautiful AP and I are members of the Audubon Backyard Birding Society. Where we live too much of the land has been taken with housing. If Audubon told us to not feed the birds, we’d have second thoughts. As for the squirrels…well, they are everywhere and we plead guilty to feeding them (but don’t tell anybody).


  1. Lol! As long as your petition includes my nemesis the Starling. Equally annoying and aggressive. We can thank The Bard for these invasive marauders.

  2. It’s the sound that Mourning Doves make that I absolutely hate (there, I said it too).

  3. I HATE THOSE BIRDS!!! They ruin everything with their feces and are truly disgusting pests. I refuse to let them roost in our backyard trees and that started because of their bad behavior. There is always a dominant bird in the tree who chases out other birds he doesn’t want there. I got sick of his arrogant attitude since it isn’t “his” tree to begin with. Lol. They are a big problem where I live and I must happily admit if they all suddenly disappeared I wouldn’t be sad, in fact I would probably celebrate! Down with the nasty flying rats!

  4. Mourning Doves piss me off. They scare off all the song birds. I finally got window feeders that have a small perch and large bird exclusion holes. The Doves are still showing up but can’t get to the feed. Thank god.

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