Think Scobe

Hollywood: The Home of Hypocrites

  The Hollywood “elite” love to lecture us about morality and causes:

The All You Can’t Eat Buffet

  I was in one of the produce aisles at Best Yet in Franklin Square,

Scobe’s 10 Commandments of Facebook

  Facebook has been good for me. I have received hundreds of emails and

Be Safe Not Stupid

  You are away on vacation to some beautiful place and while enjoying yourself

I Will Destroy My Grandkids!

  My wife the Beautiful AP (known to our grandkids as Grand AP) brought a

I Want to be Lazy!

  My wife the beautiful AP said to me the other day, “You’re becoming

It Snowed in Denver!

  My God, it snowed in Denver on April 28th and 29th, cancelling the 27th

My Guppy Is Gay

  I have four fish tanks in my house: a five gallon tank with a Beta and

Mommy Weirdest

I have now read one of the nuttiest decisions a court has ever made when it