Bird Scobe

Birdie Its Cold Outside

  This afternoon as I write this article, the outside temperature is 10

Wow! I Met Pete Dunne

  I’m new to birding; two years to be exact. I’ve been going to Cape

The Bookcase: Raptors!

  Raptors: The Curious Nature of Diurnal Birds of Prey by Keith L.
The Bird-Boating on the Osprey

The Bird-Boating on the Osprey

  The Osprey is both a bird of the raptor class (usually meaning

Are Birders Liars?

  I mentioned this topic in a past article. My birding friend, Bob, is

Wildlife in Your Backyard

  Attracting Wildlife to Your Backyard: 101 Ways to Make Your Property

The Genius of Birds

  Anthropomorphism. Over the centuries that little word (okay, that long
War and Peace

War and Peace

  I spend many hours writing in my office, where I also look out at the

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

  They are high among the woodland giants; at the top terraces of massive