Bird Scobe

Swan Lake

It was to be an average Sunday birding expedition with our South Shore Audubon S

Nature Flipped Me the Bird

I have become somewhat passionate about this birding business. My wife, the Beau

Meet the Mrs.

  My wife, the Beautiful AP, has taken up photography, specifically photogr

The Snowy Owl in Flight

Claire Reilly is an expert photographer whose pictures can amaze and delight. I

Found: The Great Horned Owl!

If you read my article “The Hunt for the Great Horned Owl” you’d recall th

The Hunt for the Great Horned Owl

  By Frank (and the Beautiful AP) Scoblete After four months of weekly bird

Look! A Big Bird with a Bright Orange Breast!

  My fourth bird-watching expedition was to Hempstead Lake State Park on Long I

Waa! Waa! (I Prefer Birds)

  I was going to write an article about how some people have lost all digni

The Titmouse and My Grandson

  I have three squirrel-proof bird feeders outside the large windows in my