Bird Scobe

The Fastest Things on Wings

  Hummingbirds are indeed “the fastest things on wings” and although the

Bird Breakups

  Many birds “marry” for life, others for a little while, and some others

The Bookcase: Review of “Wesley the Owl” by Stacey O’Brien

  Last things first—I cried. Wesley the owl died at the end of the book at
Save the Best for Last

Save the Best for Last

  My wife, the Beautiful AP, and I went bird watching recently at the
Seven Days in Cape May

Seven Days in Cape May

“This Cape May trip is going to see my getting the real hang of my camera,” said

The World Outside My Windows

  My office is in the back of my house. It faces my neighbor next door (to

Cute and Unafraid

  I am having trouble with the Beautiful AP and this has been going on for

The Battle of the Birds

  We have two birds, Augustus, a Quaker parrot of about 22 years and Mister

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

  The South Shore Audubon Society has Sunday birding walks at various