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The Bird Needed Gift Boxes

  “Ma’am, you ordered thirteen dollars’ worth of gift boxes,” said the
The Pursuit of the Puffin

The Pursuit of the Puffin

On a recent cruise in the North Atlantic (

Camera Shy

“They are smart,” said my wife the Beautiful AP. “This can’t be just

An Old Hand at Birding

I face the abyss. I am about to turn 70. How is that possible? 70. Seventy? I

They Fly

The South Shore Audubon Society’s lovable bird walk expert Joe was swabbing

Birds of a Feather

When I first took up birding in late September of 2016, I figured two things;

Mother Nature is Nuts!

Mother Nature is nuts! I hate to offend nature lovers and those whose

They Rule the Sky? Yuck, No!

I make no bones about it; I am a lover of the predators: the eagles, the,

Swan Lake

It was to be an average Sunday birding expedition with our South Shore Audubon