Bird Scobe

Bird is the Word

  They don’t just fly over your house; they have flown into our vocabulary

“Birdman” Robert Stroud Ain’t Burt Lancaster

Robert Stroud was a convicted murderer, later to become a famous ornithologist

Good Books Defeat Virus

So you’ve been wandering through your house or apartment, looking to elevate

Bad, Bad Bird Movies

Most of us have had our worlds turned upside down in the past months. No, no,

For the Birds

  The critically acclaimed movie Birdman (or The Unexpected Value of

State Birds: Wild, Weird and Wonderful

  They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Some are plain; some are

Franklin versus Franklin

  This information may be apocryphal but so what? Apocryphal stories can be

Birds and Bugs

I love birds. I hate bugs. Now there are people who love bugs. They study bugs;

I Beat My Bird Bad!

  What I wanted to do more than just about anything was beat my older bird,