Think Scobe

A Level Playing Field

  We’ve just finished Thanksgiving and the Black Friday crowds in every

My Damn Wife

  My wife, the Beautiful AP, is my editor. A few days ago I handed her my

The Big Lie in the Kavanaugh Case

  Christine Blasey Ford is the woman who accused Supreme Court nominee

Did I Die?

  On January 9, 2007 I received the Last Rites at the Robert Wood Johnson

Of Mice and Men and Me

I was sitting in my particularly special recliner one afternoon, having

Big and Little Irritations

  My wife the Beautiful AP hates when I get on a soap box and start

My Dinner with Peg and Don

I have a little problem with my father-in-law Don Paone. As I write this, he is

Husbands’ Day is a Necessity

Ladies, this is a column for the husbands out there. Women shouldn’t read

Little Outrages

  Gary Sanchez, the catcher for the New York Yankees, has tired arms. That