Think Scobe

Big and Little Irritations

  My wife the Beautiful AP hates when I get on a soap box and start

My Dinner with Peg and Don

I have a little problem with my father-in-law Don Paone. As I write this, he is

Husbands’ Day is a Necessity

Ladies, this is a column for the husbands out there. Women shouldn’t read

Little Outrages

  Gary Sanchez, the catcher for the New York Yankees, has tired arms. That

The Woman Who Tormented Me

  I was waiting for a cab as I stood outside the Sleep Inn and Suites in

Two Great Shows

  I have two television shows, both on the Tru Channel, that I recommend

My Grizzly Wife

  I love zombies! In movies, books and television shows just give me the

Teachers Toting Guns

  Mr. Morris Dickly served in the military. He was good with pistols and

Old Pro Wrestling Was Better Than New Pro Wrestling

  Call me an old fart (don’t you dare!) but I just bought some