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Old Pro Wrestling Was Better Than New Pro Wrestling

  Call me an old fart (don’t you dare!) but I just bought some

Puffy Poodle Doodle Doodle

  Germaine was in a state. She could not find Puffy Poodle Doodle

GUPGATE: Uncovering Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

  I have a confession to make; a confession about an awful activity I

Attacked by Satan! The Roy Moore Story

Attacked by Satan: THE ROY MOORE STORY   Starring Kevin Spacey, Dustin

God’s Wicked Sense of Humor

  God has a wicked sense of humor. He really does. Adam and Eve eat a

Tax Relief? Hell, no! It’s a Gut Punch!

  The tax break proposed by the Republicans is nothing more than a gut


  As a kid I loved Halloween and I had great times filling up socks with chalk

Mary Louise Roncallo and First Holy Communion

  In second grade, I felt sorry for the poor Protestants who had no idea

Mary Louise Roncallo

  My first day of school at five years old. I wasn’t nervous. I also