Bird Scobe

An Old Hand at Birding

I face the abyss. I am about to turn 70. How is that possible? 70. Seventy? I

They Fly

The South Shore Audubon Society’s lovable bird walk expert Joe was swabbing

Birds of a Feather

When I first took up birding in late September of 2016, I figured two things;

Mother Nature is Nuts!

Mother Nature is nuts! I hate to offend nature lovers and those whose religious

They Rule the Sky? Yuck, No!

I make no bones about it; I am a lover of the predators: the eagles, the hawks,

Swan Lake

It was to be an average Sunday birding expedition with our South Shore Audubon

Nature Flipped Me the Bird

I have become somewhat passionate about this birding business. My wife, the

Meet the Mrs.

  My wife, the Beautiful AP, has taken up photography, specifically

The Snowy Owl in Flight

Claire Reilly is an expert photographer whose pictures can amaze and delight. I