Pronounce the “VA” “DOA”

The Veterans Administration should be pronounced dead on arrival.

The VA is a disgrace; it is corrupt and callous, often treating veterans as if they are enemy combatants. The agency is rife with scandal and many of our veterans have died waiting for treatment. The VA is a fetid swamp.

Veterans are American citizens that willingly put themselves in danger to protect the rest of us. In fact, without them there is no us, and no U. S.

The time has come to end the VA, to kill it dead and bury it with other rotted bureaucracies where it will, we hope, be forgotten.

The United States must start over. Here is the Scobe Plan for a fresh beginning in caring for our veterans:

  • Every veteran can go to any doctor he or she chooses. All doctors, nurses and other health care professionals are now members of the new system. A veteran cannot be turned down – ever – for care.
  • Veterans can have a card (much like Medicare and Medicaid) which allows them to receive health care – free (as in free!) in any medical office, clinic or hospital in the country. Think of this as payment for what they have done for all of us.
  • The current veterans’ hospitals should be sold to private concerns and they now become one of the innumerable hospitals serving the general public. They are no longer government institutions. If these former VA hospitals are good in their new roles as private concerns, they survive. If not, they fold. They have to make it on their own.
  • And what of the doctors treating veterans? Should they do it on the cheap? Not at all. They should be given competitive pay. I am not looking for doctors to be short-changed. Those who serve our veterans should be fairly paid.

The Scobe Plan will actually save money. We will no longer be throwing taxpayer money into the cesspool that is the Veterans Administration. Our veterans will get the care they deserve.

There are details that would have to be worked out, including how to make a Veterans Card that could not be counterfeited. I figure this would not take long, if those involved are truly focused on the task at hand.

The time has come to free the veterans from the VD of the VA and the Scobe Plan can make that happen.

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One thought on “Pronounce the “VA” “DOA””

  1. Frank.,,,, I have just come home from the VA Hospital in Northport. Just been given new hearing aids ( FREE)..
    I have nothing but good to say of THEM ( VA)
    ?? Have you had recent visits to VA or are you taking the MEDIA word ???

    S M F

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