Ocean Resort Wins the Casino Race


The great Jerry “Stickman” and I spent last week at the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City. This was formerly Revel which overextended itself, charged way too much for rooms and food, and folded as many another Atlantic City casino-hotel did as well, including two of President Trump’s, the Trump Plaza and the Trump Taj Mahal.

But the Ocean casino-hotel has been gloriously resurrected.

Our rooms were on the 24th floor with views of the city and ocean that were unsurpassed. The room itself was beautiful with one wall a full picture window. Mind you, this room was not even a suite but it was still large enough to feel like one.

Ocean Resort is at the very northern end of the Boardwalk and has unobstructed, spectacular views.

The casino is spacious, airy, beautifully appointed and clean. I’ve stayed at many casino hotels in Vegas and in much of our country and I can say that Ocean Resort is the best. If you have a hankering to go to the Queen of the Sea then give Ocean a try. Since this is still March, the room rates will be low and worth far more than every penny you spend. And once you have a player’s card, you will find that the future offerings will be amazingly generous.

As for eating, in which “Stickman” and I are experts; the hotel is loaded with great restaurants, cafes and food courts – and give the lamb a try at Amada. Best lamb I ever ate.

A word here: Controlled shooters, you must land the dice about nine inches from the back wall or you will go into a “jump” zone. The dice will fly off the table quite frequently. Until that zone, the tables are quite good. Odds were 3X, 4X, 5X, which mimics Las Vegas. They should go back to 5X and 10X odds as they had in the past.

Blackjack is the traditional AC variety. The slots are mostly those delightfully tall ones without endless slot aisles to squeeze through. Many carnival games are scattered throughout the floor and an Asian room is about to open soon.

Give this place a try. It’s superior.

All the best in and out of the casinos.

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4 thoughts on “Ocean Resort Wins the Casino Race”

  1. What Frank says about the rooms is 100 percent accurate. They are spacious and have spectacular views. I like the standard room better than suites at other AC casinos.
    The other major feature that impressed me was the ceiling height in the casino – in fact most public areas had very high ceilings that gave the impression of spaciousness not found in many casinos. This place is definitely worth a try.

  2. Hi Frank. This is Jack Brucato. Over the years we’ve corresponded several times and you were kind enough to send me a signed Autograph in “I am a Dice Controller”. And “The Virgin Kiss”. It was greatly appreciated to receive them. In fact I’ve read all of your books, thanks.
    I met you years ago when you had your Vegas tournament with Golden Touch. I didn’t do as well as I wanted due to a serious laceration on my hand,grrrr. BUT, it was a great time. My wife and I had been to Ocean resort when it first opened. Yes it is really one of the best in A/C. Luckily we were comped at Harrah’s and had checked out Ocean while up there from Florida. The tables were good and they have a little bounce to them. I figured out the landing zone like you mentioned and had pretty good mid to 30’s rolls. I can’t tell you how much I have learned over the years from your books.

    1. Hi Jack: I remember you. Time flies. I do get to the casinos quite often — well, at least until they’ve been closed because of the coronavirus. All the best to you and your family.

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