Bird Scobe

Look! A Big Bird with a Bright Orange Breast!

  My fourth bird-watching expedition was to Hempstead Lake State Park on Long I

Waa! Waa! (I Prefer Birds)

  I was going to write an article about how some people have lost all digni

The Titmouse and My Grandson

  I have three squirrel-proof bird feeders outside the large windows in my

The Search for the Great Snowy Owl

  All the birders (birders are bird watchers but “birder” sounds strong

Times, They are a Changin’

If you told me 10 or more years ago that I would become a birder (as in a bird w

The Four-Hour Erection

His name is Mr. Squeaky. No, that’s not the nickname for a man’s sex organ.

The Pelican Brief

The Pelican Brief I call it Pelican Bay because there were literally hundreds of

I am Not Semi-Retired

  I love my wife the Beautiful AP; I really do, but sometimes she can be a roya