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Naked in the Bathroom

He was naked. In the handicap stall. In the men’s room. Sitting on the toilet.

Take It Easy

I remember when I was a teenager experiencing my first bout with alcohol. At the

The Look, the Voice, the Truth

When I mention to people that I am a writer and I often write about gambling and

The Three Types of Blackjack Players

There are three types of blackjack players and sub-categories of these three. If

I Miss Them

Over 25 years ago I took up casino gambling. At the time, I was an actor (and pr

Slots vs. Table Games: No Contest!

Slot machines and table games are two very different things – and the casinos

Should You Place the 5 and 9 at Craps?

There’s been a lot of debate in craps circles about the placing of the 5 and 9

The Faster the “Worster”

There are two factors that must be considered when analyzing the various casino

Genetic Roulette

Everything in life is a gamble. Whether it’s crossing the street, deciding wha