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I Am Calm and Cool with Others

My wife, the beautiful AP, says I have one criterion for judging people.

Winner! Winner! We Have a Winner!

Winner! Winner! We Have a Winner! I am on every systems seller’s mailing list.

The Fat-Fingered Blackjack Technique

  For several years some Las Vegas casinos offered a two-deck game dealt

Truth About Blackjack Players

  There are three types of blackjack players and sub-categories of these

The Question of Credit

  They have the highest house edge of any machines in the casino. In,

I Am a Broken Record

  My wife the Beautiful AP just said that no one talks about broken or

The Greatest Blackjack Player of All Time

  “I want to meet the greatest blackjack player in the world,” I said to

The Wheat Germ Man

  (The following is excerpted from the book I Am a Card Counter: Inside

Doctor Ego and Mister Id

  Just about everyone knows the Robert Louis Stevenson story of Doctor Jekyll